Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Things You Should Have To Save Money

1. A Budget - I know it's an intimdating word but it's true. You need to have a budget to keep your expenses in line. You need to know where your money is going in order to cut back. Without a budget, you are blind and throwing money at groceries, entertainment, utilities etc. It's time to keep track!

2. The Internet - Whether you have a laptop or an Iphone, you can get some great information on the best deals for gas, clothes, and a new world full of printable coupons or coupon codes when shopping online. You never know what deal is out there when your at Target, search your smart phone for additional savings.

3. A Notepad - Keeping track of prices on your usual products like shampoo and dishwasher soap will give you an idea of what is a good deal and where to possibly get a better deal for these products. I like waiting for coke to come out with their buy 3 12-pk of coke products and get the other 3 12-pk for free deal. That's a steal if you ask me. You might also want a notebook just to remember some things like "Remember: Wal-mart has the best price for toothpaste".

4. Cash - I went to the gas station and when I tried to use my debit card there was a $0.45 transaction fee. Luckily I was carrying cash on me so I just went inside and paid instead. The cost was very small but it's the you-shouldn't-have-to kind of thing. Plus, these small expenses can really add up. Another reason you want to carry cash is to save yourself from resorting to ATM Fee's. ATM's are very convenient but when they aren't part of your bank, that's when both the atm and your bank slap you with a convenience fee.

5. A Water Bottle - This can save you so much money on uneccessary drinks when your out. Say goodbye to expensive waters, sodas, and coffee. When you are thirsty just drink out of your water bottle and fill it up at the office, local Safeway or neighborhood park.

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