Friday, May 8, 2009

Tip #2: Start a side busines

If you are down and out like most people are today, then get out there and make some money! There is a huge pie of money out there waiting for you to get a slice of so starting your own side business is a very good way to get a slice of that pie. Some people might have a problem choosing what to do for a side-business, but you should always concentrate on what you are good at. Can you fix a sink? Maybe you have a great lawn mower in your backyard that has not been used in weeks and someone out there is dying to find someone with a hefty lawn mower to pay them to do a job. Whatever it might be, starting your own side business can bring in some extra cash to pay some bills, expedite your savings goals, or to invest and earn more. Here are some suggestions on what you can do.

- Dog Walking - Great for exercise and your pocket
- Handy Man - Fix a leaky faucet
- Babysitter Services - Change a diaper
- House/Building Cleaning Services - Wash windows
- Pool Maintenance - Clean some water
- Garage Sales (Once a week if possible) - sell for neighbors and get a percentage
- Car Washes - Start one NOW in your city, I know I need mine washed
- Landscaping (mow lawns) - pick some weeds
- Post Cards or make Invitations - Eat your heart out Hallmark
- Bird Houses (Make them and sell them) - get a how to book from the library
- Scented Candles (Make them and sell them) - Mmmm.....I smell profits
- Blogging - Type, Idea, Type, Idea
- Aquatic Maintenance - Take care of other peoples gold fish
- Arts and Crafts - You did it in elementary, now make them for money

You might have a lot of ideas brewing in your head but be good at it and you'll do fine.....hey! I forgot translation specialist!

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