Friday, May 8, 2009

Tip #3: Ask For A Break

I just called my wireless cellphone provider and told them that "I really like the service I'm getting and would like to stay with you guys as much as possible but I found another provider offering me the same plan for much less". I told my carrier that "times are tough and I certainly don't want to switch unless I have to and if I can just save some money then it would certainly help". The customer representative who I spoke to sympathized with me and tried to see if there was a better plan for my situation, but there was not. I then said "well times are tough for me right now and even a small $10 credit to my next bill would work out for me, do you think that's possible"? The customer representative replied and said "Sir, I understand you are going to some difficult times as everyone is and I can certainly take care of that $10 credit for you......that wont be a problem". I then replied with "We'll thank you very much you guys have always been good to me, I appreciate it".

It doesn't matter if it's your wireless carrier, you can ask for a break anywhere. Think about it, if you were to do this with your wireless carrier, gym membership, insurance provider, cable provider, telephone, internet and credit card companies interest rates, you would have saved a good amount of cash! I recommend Ramit Sethi's advice on negotiation at one of my favorite blogs "I Will Show You How To Be Rich".

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