Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tip #4: Take Your Own Lunch

Sometimes we are all too often busy to make ourselves lunch for work and sometimes too busy to eat breakfast in the morning for that matter. Taking your own lunch to work can save you some serious money if you are consistent. I usually spend somewhere between $8-$12 on lunch somewhere when I could have brown bagged my lunch. If that is true then I could be saving somewhere between $40-$60 dollars a week that can be used to earn interest through bonds or buying some more stocks in my portfolio.

My History
I worked very close to restaurants, grocery stores and of course a Starbucks so it was very hard for me not to give into temptation and buy a cup of coffee or choose a pastry from the grocery store. At first, I was making small purchases on drinks and snacks at the store and going to restaurants almost every day; there rest of the time I would buy sandwiches I could have made at home myself. I took a look at my bank account statement and it showed I was making transaction after transaction purchases at the grocert store; it almost looked like an error on my statement because of multiple display name and the purchase price

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