Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tip #5: Save Stamps by Using Online Banking

I don't really use stamps or envelopes for that matter because I do everything through my banks online banking feature. Most banks now a days offer this feature for free but check with your bank for more details. I even have an automatic payment come out every 1st of the month for rent. There is so much you can do with online banking like transfer between accounts, transfer between accounts at different banks, order new checks, money orders and statements, view statements, pay bills, view a spending report, set goals, set budgets, open a new account, apply for loans, nickname accounts, categorize transactions, view balances, consolidate accounts from other banks to one page, trade stocks, and more.

I don't really see a need for stamps and envelopes unless you are sending something other than a payment which isn't the case for me. If there is a document I need to send somebody I either go through email or fax to complete this task. I recently heard something about forever stamps and how they can save money because these forever stamps are good at the price you bought them for even if stamps increase in the future. The going rate is 44 cents a stamp starting Mother's Day up 2 cents from 42 cents a stamp ending today. I can see how this will save a small amount of money ONLY if you use a lot of stamps but Nathaniel Rich at a daily magazine company Slate answers the question "Should I Invest In Forever Stamps?"

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