Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tip #6: Save Money On Beer

I just got back from the grocery store to do a little shopping and I picked up some of my favorite beer while I was there. It wasn't on sale but 5.99+taxes and crv isn't bad for a six pack. That comes out to $1.14 a beer after taxes and crv, pretty cheap if you ask me. Now there are ways to stretching your dollar even further. Here are somethings you can do to save on beer.

1. Look at different stores - This one is probably a no brainer to you but most of the time beers are almost always on sale. I tend to find a beer I drink on sale at one store but not at others but something that other store will be on sale when the other isn't.

2. Shop Online - That beer that I bought today at the grocery store was $5.49+ taxes and crv at BevMo! online for a pickup order at my local store; a 0.51 cent savings. Note: Sometimes your beer will not be available to purchase online.

3. Search for Coupon Codes - After a quick search at RetailMeNot, I found a coupon for 5% off an order online at BevMO! This brought the price down to $5.22+Tax and CRV; a total of 0.77 cents savings now.

4. Join The Club - When you sign up for a free membership at BevMo! and spend over $250 you get a 5% discount on your next purchase. That's and additional 5% if you find a coupon code.

5. Earn Rewards Points - When you purchase you beer, you want to earn rewards points don't you? The money you'll be earning plus the money you'll be saving after all the discounts already makes it worth it to use your credit card.

6. Buy Big - Ok, so I bought a six pack but unless you don't drink that often, you should go for that 24-pack or 30-pack. If I would have bought an 18-pack of my beer It would have come out to 0.99 cents a beer after taxes and crv. Add that 5% coupon code I found and it's down to 0.94 a beer.

7. Sharing Is Caring - If you and your friends are planning to have a BBQ or going to watch the next football game at your house, share the cost of the beer. I do this all the time with my friends because we all end up saving money while hanging out.

8. Brew Your Own - There is a simple way to brew your own way but you need time. Watch a great video below to learn more about that. I never tried it myself but it can save you a bundle by doing this.

9. Pre-game your Night Out - I don't know about you but where I live, it is so expensive for just one beer at a bar. It cost $4 a beer or more there! Try to drink with your friends with the beer you guys pitched in yourself at home and have a designated driver take you to the bar and back home. If you drink more at home, you drink less at the bars.

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