Monday, May 11, 2009

Save Money With Regular Auto Maintenance

I have a 1994 Honda Civic Lx model and it has way over one hundred thousand miles on it. It bought this vehicle used and it doesn't bother me that it has a lot of miles because I know Honda's can last a long time but only if you maintain them correctly and timely. Every 3000 miles, I take my car to the same mechanic shop to get an oil change at the same price.

I don't do the oil change myself because my mechanic shop checks for anything broken, loose, leaking, missing, noisy, out of order, tearing, worn out and basically anything that can seriously damage my vehicle without me knowing about it. Although I can conduct a simple oil change myself and save some money, I find it more valuable and assuring to have my oil change through my local mechanic shop so they can check if anything else is needed. My vehicle is about 15 years old but I have done just about everything to keep my vehicle running it's best. By doing this I have piece of mind and will save money in the back end by just doing regulare maintenance.

Here are some things I do that have contributed to the longevity of my vehicle and has saved me money.

1. Check the Oil - I try doing this every time I stop to get some gas, while you wait for your tank to fill-up it definately doesnt hurt to check your oil levels. Refer to your owners manual on this.

2. Tune-ups - Whether it's a new or old vehicle, every car needs a tune-up. You must refer to your owner's manual for this to find out when you should do these to get your car back to tip-top shape.

3. Rotate Your Tires - Rotating your tires on your car is one preventative maintenance often overlooked. By rotating your tires accordingly, you will increase your tires lifespan. Since tires are responsible about 80% of braking, it's not only saving you money but providing safety for you and your family.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure - We should all know by now that the right amount of tire pressure improves fuel effeciency. So if that its true, then its safe to say you will save money by doing this regular check up yourself and adjusting if necessary.

5. Change Your Air Filter - It is quite simple to change your air filter because it is so accesible. All I really needed was a phillips screwdriver to take the cover off and simply switch the old with the new. I have noticed a significant change in fuel efficiency here; about 8% better after just doint this.

So there you have it, I hope this was good info for you. I would also recommend to do most of these things yourself because they really are simple; especially checking your tire pressure. If you keep up with these small but important tasks, your car will literally go a long way.

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