Thursday, April 29, 2010

Save More Money At The Movies

1. Matinee prices – Where I live, you can watch a movie for half the price if you go before noon and I’m sure your local theater does this as well. Most people go to the movies at night only to pay around $10 or more. The early bird gets the worm in this tip!

2. Show your Student I.D. – I get a great discount just because I’m a student so I show my student I.D. everytime to save some money. I guess it does pay to learn!

3. Check their Webpage – You might be able to find some coupons for the movies. I found a coupon for my theater for a free popcorn when you purchase a drink. Yummy savings!

4. Sign up – There are some programs you can sign up for like AAA that can save some extra cash at the movies.

5. Choose Movies Carefully – Don’t you just hate it when you pay good money to see a not-so-good-movie? I do. So make sure you check some ratings on your movie choices first or hear some reviews from someone you know or trust. Do not trust trailers either. I like to visit for some juicy reviews.

6. Eat Before You Get There – Not only do you want to save money but you don’t want to chow down on a polish hot dog or Chili Cheese Nachos for dinner do you? Food at the theaters is asking for trouble with their marked up prices and dreadful calories.

7. Ask For A Discount – if you arrive to a movie late, ask for a discount to negate what you have missed out on and for the seats you don’t want. You might have to speak to a supervisor or manager for this. Hey, you might as well ask since you and your date are there.

8. Wait For The Release – If you are a little skeptical about the movie you want to see, just wait for the release and rent it for free at a Redbox with a promo code. Atleast you did’nt pay $10 a ticket to watch a movie you didn’t like.

9. Ask For A Gift Certificate – If you are a movie buff and are no stranger to the next hit at the theaters, then start asking for gift certificates from friends and family for your birthday, promotion, special occasions etc. These are free movies! Did anyone say popcorn?

10. Grab Deals - Costco was selling 5 movie tickets for $37 bucks. Not a great deal but a good one for tickets that will last all year long.

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