Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Things You Shouldn't Pay More Than $1 For

With places like the dollar store there isn't a reason why you should pay more than 5 dollars for these things. Take a look and your feedback is also appreciated!

1. Movie Rentals - Redbox is just around the corner where I live, I don't know about you. Sometimes I even have a free rental code to input in the kiosk and I hold the movie for an extra day and I still only pay $1. Your library can be a great place to rent them for free as well, you might want to check the late fee's though.

2. Deodorant Or Most Hygiene Products - Like I said, the dollar store has deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, baby lotion, baby powder, soaps etc. for only...(drum roll)....yep, you guessed it!

3. Coffee - I'm talking about regular drip coffee not the fancy Slim Venti Expresso with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla served extra hot with extra foam. No, I'm talking about black coffee. Grab some instant coffee from your local grocery store and you'll be happy to know that you hardly paid anything from-your-home coffee. You also get to prepare it yourself!

4. Gift Wrapping Paper & Bags - Do you know what happens to the wrapping paper when someone rips it apart to get to that precious gift? It gets thrown away! You paid for it but only to watch it get literally torn apart and thrown away. The least you can do is pay $1 or you can stick it in one of those gift bags they have at the dollar store. You could even save the bags for other occasions if the presents are being unwrapped in your own home.

5. Mp3 Music - If you are paying more than $1.00 for a song, you're probably wasting your money. Music is a trend and it changes all the time so you might not even like a song 1 month down the road of mainstream radio. Do yourself a favor and borrow from a friend, use YouTube, use Pandora, or rent it from a library but no more than $1.00 you hear?

Thank you for reading, please submit your input on this post. Thanks!

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